Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Its A Girl Thing ~ Little Miss Handbags

I am one of those peculiar ladies who don't enjoy carrying a handbag around... 
I find it tiresome - as if somebody is placing an extra burden on me as I step out the front door and make for the delights of town... 
Perhaps I owe this dislike of carrying handbags to the fact that I am not able to properly hold onto a sweet little person's hand (and I would much rather grasp a chubby hand than a bag...).
Or because it is quite awkward to compare two rolls of lovely fabric and decide which one to purchase whilst clutching a bulky object containing my sadly empty purse (I always spend too much on sewing supplies, I confess...).

And how does one carry a camera and lenses as well as a bag...?

However, many ladies simply love their handbags and I am constantly amazed at some of the objects they withdraw from the interiors... 
But often things get lost within the numurous contents of the bag - I have on occasion observed ladies shaking, emptying and scratching among the bits and pieces inside with a look of desperation on their faces...  Usually it is car keys they are after...

But I personally feel tiny handbags are simply gorgeous for little ladies who love to look just like their Mommies, yet are too small and inclined to play a running game at a moment's notice to carry the ones you sling over your shoulder and have to hold in place with your hand...

...Let me introduce you to....
The Little Miss Handbag!

 Yes indeed - these handbags are the perfect size and style for any wee lady who longs to carry a beautiful bag just like her mommy, yet still needs to be free to be a little girl at the same time!

This handbag is small and just the right size for keeping a few treasures in...  It can be put over the neck or slung over the shoulder, depending on the wishes of its owner....

And it has a piece of Velcro to keep the bag closed so that no precious item should fall out during play.

And to make this handbag even more desirable, it is made in beautiful, 100% cotton fabrics!  
The outside and inside fabrics are beautifully coordinated, and the front of the bag boasts a felt motif - either a flower, heart or butterfly, or whatever takes my fancy.  

The motif is stitched onto the fabric with my lovely sewing machine, and I sew the matching button(s) on by hand to ensure it never comes off:)

Oh, I would dearly love a little bag like this - my sisters who have one look so comfortable wearing them...
But I still have my patchwork one which I must admit, I do quite like...  I can pop in all the bits of ribbons, buttons and fabrics I collect during my shopping trip and keep them safe:)

Hope you are having a fantastic week thus far!


  1. What adorable little bags! Perfect for little girls or big girls wanting to carry just a few things!

    1. Thank you, dear Shoregirl - I always love your comments! Hugs!

  2. These bags are adorable! I love the fabrics you chose :)


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