Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Creating with Pretty Papers…

 This morning the cosiness of my craft room beckoned to me and there I spent a delightful few hours creating with pretty papers and listening to soundtracks from Pride & Prejudice, North & South and Emma… 

With the hum of the sewing machine as Nancy worked on a beautiful piece of fabric artwork, I made my favourite gift tags by happily tearing pieces of book paper and carefully cutting tiny flower motifs from scrap pieces of fabric… 
I then printed the sentiments ‘For You’, ‘With Love’ and ‘Thank You’ in coordinating papers and finished off each tag with a length of beautiful blue baker’s twine…  How I enjoy using baker’s twine in my crafting and sewing projects!  The colours are so striking when intertwined with white!

By the end of my crafting session I had three packs of six gift tags each, featuring birds and gorgeous blooms in a faded blue...

I love the old fashioned charm of these sweet tags and the uniqueness of each one. 

When needing a little something to finish off a small gift, I select the appropriate tag and write the recipient’s name on the back in my finest hand. 

Now…I think a few vintage green tags will be my next project…

With love,


  1. Your tags are absolutely beautiful! I love all the beautiful elements you included in them!

  2. How Beautiful, Kelly-Anne. We will have to make sure you have craft sessions in April... :-)
    Much love!

  3. So pretty... I'm happy to be commenting on your new blog too:-) May God bless your work dear Kelly. So sweet and happy to see a teenage girl dled with God's love and respect toward scripture. God bless you sweet friend!

  4. These are simply lovely Kelly-Anne! I do love your sweet creations. I enjoy tag making as well. I am hoping to spend some time crafting over my 3-day weekend! Have a blessed and beautiful weekend and Valentine's Day with those you love.

    Hugs, Vicky

  5. My dear, sweet friend, what a lovely new place you have created :) The gift tags you created are truly lovely and will bless anyone's heart.

    I look forward to following your hear. Love to you!

  6. What fun! Followed you over and looking forward to your pretty projects! :)

  7. Shoregirl ~ Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I am so glad you paid my little crafting spot a visit today:)

    Aunty Linnie ~ Oh! I am so looking forward to discussing some crafty things with you and sweet Danika!!
    Are you still interested in quilting...? I've just started and I am enjoying it ever so much!

    Sarah George ~ How kind of you to stop by my crafty blog, dear Sarah! And your encouragement blessed my heart this morning! Hugs to you sweet friend - I am so, so blessed to have met you!

    Vicky ~ Thank you kindly for your lovely comment - so wonderful to have you visit my new blog:) I hope you enjoyed your three day weekend - what fun!! Much love and hugs to you!

    Stephanie ~ Thank you very dear friend for your kind comment! I am so excited to have you along for this new crafty journey!! Much love to you:)

    JES ~ What a blessing to have you stop by! Thank you so much! Lots of love to you:)


  8. I looked through all the posts and thoroughly enjoyed myself this evening. Everything is so pretty. You are very gifted/talented.


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