Friday, 22 May 2015

Lovely Miss Lettice...

I know I have said it many a time before, but lovely Miss Lettice is one of my very favourite fabric items to make for Heartmade...

I love selecting coordinating fabrics for her dress and choosing matching lace and ribbons.
Adding the finishing touches to her face - french knots for eyes, a sweet pink nose and a touch of blush for rosy cheeks, I always think of how blessed I am to do something that I love so much!


Miss Lettice is such a cheerful rabbit with an especially darling outfit...
She can be cuddled, kissed and admired all day long and can always be relied upon to bring a smile! 
Oh, how could you not love her...?

I don't usually use yellow and red together for my sewing projects, but this fabric literally jumped out at me on a recent visit to a fabric shop!
The narrow red lace adds a beautiful finish, as does the red hair ribbon...


Here is another Miss Lettice I created using shades of beautiful blue...

Oh, don't you think the little pantaloons are so adorable...?


And lastly, a pink Miss Lettice to satisfy all my fellow lovers of pink out there...

I just love these little flower buttons!

Which is *your* favourite Miss Lettice?


Blessings, dear readers!  
Thank you so much for visiting today and leaving such sweet comments - I always love hearing your thoughts!

Till next time!


  1. I am having a hard time deciding which one is my favorite! They are all three simply precious. All the bafrics and trims are beautiful. I think the red and yellow is so bright and cheerful. I can see why you enjoy making them so much. Have a lovely weekend Kelly-Anne!

    Hugs, Vicky

  2. I am just now finding this blog - I followed the link over from your new post. Beautiful items! We once lived in a community named Rabbittown, so I have a lot of rabbit décor! These are so very cute. Too hard to choose a favorite!


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