Tuesday, 17 February 2015

A Little Sewing Delight...

 ...You must be wondering what it is I am making...

This morning I am enjoying working with  a few of my favourite fabrics and some lovely waffle weave!   

I hope to reveal the finished project on Friday...

What have you been sewing recently?

With love,


  1. Love that waffle weave fabric! I've been sewing some burlap pillows for my Etsy shop.

  2. I like the ladies who sew :). That is a talent I respect a lot!! I used to , but due to some reasons, I didn't continue. You inspire me to take it again.:) I'm eager to see what cutie you are gonna come up with. Hugs to you dear Kelly :)

  3. ~ Shoregirl: I love Waffle weave too! Enjoy your sewing:). Much love!

    ~ Sarah George: You are so sweet, dear Sarah! And I am so touched to know that I have inspired someone to sew:).
    I never used to like sewing - I always prefered paper craft - but then one day I just decided I was going to try....
    ...And I haven't looked back since! I still love card making, but sewing is so exciting too!
    Have a lovely day and thank you for visiting, Sarah! Hugs to you!


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